Pre-School Program

Pre-School Program

Our Program is child-centered and based upon the belief that play is the best way for children to learn. Our approach is individualized to meet each child’s needs and interests. Each classroom is organized with centers for creative art, literature, pre-writing, science, pre-math, dramatic play and cognitive and small motor development. The environment is planned to stimulate imagination and creativity, socialization, exploration and discovery, while challenging the use of muscles important to developing bodies.



  • Playing with other children
  • Learning to share
  • Learning how to care for another friend who is hurtpre-school room
  • Working together in a group “cooperation”
  • Encouraging “Positive Playing”
  • Learning about family living and community life


  • Alphabet (upper and lower case)
    • Recognize letters
    • Trace letters
    • Sound of letters
    • Associate words beginning with letters
    • Printing & recognizing their names
  • Numbers and math
    • Counting in sequence
    • Recognize numbers
    • Print number
    • Associate numbers with set or group of items
  • Shapes
    • Names of each shape
    • Learning how to draw shapes
    • Associate shapes with objects that surround them in everyday life
  • Colors
    • Names of colors
    • Use of color in proper context
    • Creative, imaginary use of color    pre school room
  • Spatial Relationships
  • Pre-Reading readiness skills
  • Hand-eye coordination activities
  • Cognitive tasks
  • Physical
    • Music time
    • Dance & movement
    • Outdoor & indoor play
  • Emotional
    • Dramatic play
    • Music
    • Show & tell
    • Communication with adults & peers

Pre-School Daily Schedule

7:00- 9:15 Free choice time in
Children arrive, was hands
and play in classroom.
9:15- 9:45 Outside time On inclement days free
choice time may be
extended or songs.
9:45- 10:05 Circle Time Teacher not running circle
will set up snack and
prepare center materials.
10:05- 10:45 Snack Children who finish early
look at books, play with
manipulates, or journal.
10:45- 11:45 Learning Centers Children choose between
multiple learning centers,
some self directed and
some teacher led.
11:45-12:05 Outside time Outside time may be
extended at this time on
beautiful days .
12:10- 12:55 Lunch As children finish they
put their lunch and tote
bag away, use the
bathroom, and may help to
put sheets on their cot.
1:00- 2:30 Rest A teacher reads a book
before turning off the
lights. At 2:00 those who
are awake may get books.
2:30- 3:30 Free Choice Time Activities are put out at
the tables from the
morning as well as toys
from the shelves.
3:30- 3:50 Snack As children finish they
clean up, use the
bathroom, wash hands.
4:00- 5:00 Outside Time When it becomes dark
early, free choice time is
5:00-6:00 Free Choice Time Free form centers.