General Information

General Information



Kids Junction, Inc. privately owns vans to transport children from the elementary schools to our center. Children are always seat belted while riding on the vans. Transportation is provided for the following schools: Nayatt, Primrose Hill, Sowams, St. Luke, Waddington, Hampden Meadows, and 6th grade at the Barrington Middle School.

Your child will always be greeted by a staff member at school. Attendance will be taken before leaving the public schools. We will notify parents of all changes if any must be made. Our goal is to get children from the schools to Kids Junction, Inc. as quickly and safely as possible.

We are open full time during school vacation weeks. School vacation weeks usually occur in December, February, and April.

We are also open during teacher inservice days.

Public School Vacations & In-Service Days

We are open full time during school vacations and In-service days between the hours of 7:00 – 6 PM. During vacation days and in-service days, parents have the option of signing your child up for full day 7:00 – 6 PM or from 2 – 6 PM in advance. (Note: This applies to only the days your child usually attends Kids Junction). There is an additional charge for full day care. Children may attend 2 – 6 PM at no extra charge. Last minute walk-ins are permitted only if space allows.

Security System

We offer a state-of-the-art security system. Cameras are located in each classroom, as well as, exits, entrances, playgrounds, parking lot, and pool area. Television monitors are located at the front desk and director’s office and are monitored at all times.

Snow Days / Inclement Weather Days

Kids Junction will close under their own discretion during inclement weather. You can register for notifications when there are closures or delays. Please follow the link to sign up for notifications