Activity Areas

The activity areas are as follows for all ages. Please note that all activities are offerred daily and included in your tuition fee.

Pool / Swim Lessons Swim Lessons in our heated salt water pool by our certified swim instructors/lifeguards. swimming
Drama Area Designed for puppetry plays and any “drama” related activities and games.* As play space: used as large dress-up pretend space. Child initiated shows and puppetry are encouraged. theater
Library Area A quiet space to read, relax and play table games, or do homework. reading
Gym Area Recreational games and sports activities.* As play space: large motor, skill playroom with hoops, jump rope, basketball. outside
Art Area Arts and crafts activities & cartoon sketching.* As play space: a quiet area for coloring, drawing or playing games.
Kitchen Area Cooking and sewing activities.* As play space: Table games. kitchen
Homework Area Solely used for homework and quiet reading – teacher supervised. Homeword is also offered as an activity. If you would like your child assigned to homework for one activity, please sign up at the front desk. homework
Music Room / Dance Gym Used for creative dance movement.* As play space: gym area can be used as a lively room with background music, building, and “toy” playing.
Science / Creative Exploration An extra activity area for Creative Exploration and Science experiments.